What is Simple Medicine?

Simple medicine is the best way to get more oxygen to your brain.
We help you quickly shine a light on your unique challenges.
We work with forward moving families eagerly looking for brilliant solutions to get better.

We Believe In:

The future of medicine

Doctors did not go through arduous training to simply sit behind a desk and refill prescriptions. We are interested in the long-term health of our community and our families. At Simple Medicine, our hope is to create new citizen researchers who can help shape the future of medicine. When you partner with us, we expect you to get better. Making measurable improvement is an investment in yourself and in the future of medicine.

Simple healing

Would you like more oxygen to your brain? True healing happens when your body gets a healthy blood supply. Unfortunately, stress literally squeezes us to where we have less oxygen flowing freely through the capillaries. At Simple Medicine, we show you how to protect yourself and adapt to stress. We let the blood bring oxygen which is by far the best medicine. You can get out of the way of yourself, relieve stress, and simply heal.

Simple touch

At Simple Medicine, you can expect to be touched from head to toe. It is how we discover which parts are in trouble and in need of a better blood supply. Touch is both diagnostic and healing. Touch unlocks reflexes which open up your blood supply, release tension and help you to de-stress. We use simple touch to help listen to and heal your body.

Simple prices

Most health systems are unsustainable; meaning that even if you could get access, you often cannot afford the care you need. Too often, there is a delay in getting a real diagnosis. Signs and symptoms are ignored, covered up, or just not recognized. Ultimately, this hurts your trust in the health system, it hurts us, and our community. At Simple Medicine, our price structure is built around sustainability; our goal is to grow healthy families. This will benefit you and your family through sustainable lower prices, early diagnosis, prevention and healing.

Treating employees well

Happy, long-term employees in a holistic, human friendly work environment equals a winning experience for you. At Simple Medicine, going to the doctor can be relaxing.

Giving back

Would you like to age gracefully? At Simple Medicine we want to make our community a better place. Community education and sharing of new technologies is vital to life-long learning. Connect and learn at our monthly community education events.