Why Gardiner Maine?

I practice Simple Medicine in the heart of Gardiner, Maine. Hang on, what? Maine? Of all the places I have been, and of all the places I could go, why Maine you ask? Why Gardiner?

Well truthfully I have been coming to Maine since 1982 to spend a summer in Jackman with the National Health Service Corps. After studying natural medicine for over 40 years and practicing rural emergency medicine for 25 years, it was time to settle. It has been a long and rather painful journey to practice medicine.

Back and forth across the country from New York to Washington State and Alabama to Iowa I have served in 11 states, worked on multiple Indian reservations for the Indian Health Services and served veterans at the Des Moines VA. Each community has given me a unique insight as to how I can help you.

Gardiner is the first community where I was welcome. It felt like coming home. Patients appreciated me. They didn’t mind me asking questions about their health. We got to have real conversation. They permitted me to examine them in stark contrast to patients who screamed at me thinking they wouldn’t get their instant antibiotic. Gardiner folks often prefer to not take a medicine if possible yet are willing to do so if it’s a reasonable thing to do.

Best of all, here in Gardiner most everyone is excited about getting an osteopathic manipulative treatment. Beyond excited, eager, can’t wait, yes give me OMT! Wow, what a blessing. Finally I can share my gifts with you. I have waited for you for a long time and I am extremely thankful to be in Gardiner, Maine.