Be A Secret Agent

As a kid I loved sneaking around. That is how I discovered that Santa was not who brought the gifts at Christmas. I liked making new discoveries spending endless hours in the woods tromping around with the other little rebels. Kids really do have a secret: they are much bigger than adults realize. They hold a big connection to the world around them, have big hearts and even bigger dreams of being a superhero. That may explain why some people choose to go into medicine even though they are little, come from a little town, with little means other than a big why. Why bother to make a difference if the world is a dark, dreary and dreadful place with such an overwhelming amount of pain and suffering? Somehow a flame got ignited inside, perhaps by a teacher, an elder or a circumstance. Once that happens then you will do anything to graduate medical school so that you shine a little brighter and by sheer determination be a little braver. You have no choice even it means that your very self gets burned in the process, because you have a secret. So what is the secret? I think the secret is that I dare to look.